Introduction to R for Quantitative Finance – Book Review

I used some spare time I had over the christmas break to review a book I came across: Introduction to R for Quantitative Finance. An introduction to the book by the authors can be found here.

Introduction to R for Quantitative Finance - cover picture

The book targets folks with some finance knowledge but no or little experience with R. Each chapter is organised around a quant finance topic. Step by step, financial models are built with the associated R code allowing the reader to fully understand the transition from theory to implementation. It also includes some real life examples. The following concepts are covered:

Chap 1: Time Series Analysis

Chap 2: Portfolio Optimisation

Chap 3: Asset Pricing Model

Chap 4: Fixed Income Securities

Chap 5: Estimating the Term Structure of Interest Rates

Chap 6: Derivatives pricing

Chap 7: Credit Risk Management

Chap 8: Extreme Value Theory

Chap 9: Financial Networks

As an experimented R user, I didn’t expect to learn much but I was wrong. I didn’t know about the GUIDE package: a GUI for derivatives pricing, the evir package which gathers functions for extreme value theory and I also learned a few programming tricks.

All in all, this is an excellent book for anyone keen on learning R in a quantitative finance framework. I think it would have benefited from a formal introduction to R and a data Export/Import capabilities review but both topics are extensively covered in many other R resources.

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  1. Joel says:


    I’m a novice trader primarily working in the FOREX markets. I’ve used Metatrader, but I have a jaded view of the (lack of) predictive power using indicators and am interested in pursuing the quantitative/statistical approach.

    Are there any resources you’d recommend for someone with limited coding experience?

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